Contact at last

It has been a lean month with regards to radio contacts and making time for my February radio challenge of 28 morse contacts in one month soon fell by the wayside. Well, its the 23rd and today I managed 2 contacts so now I have 21 contacts to make in the next 5 days, just over 5 per day……….absolutely no chance. I’m not bothered, radio is a hobby and life does come first. Anyway I managed a first CW qso on 20 metres today, I tend to leave 20m alone with the key as the band can be a bit frantic as it is very popular, and I always felt that no one would have the time to talk to me the way I plod along. I did manage a rubber stamp QSO with EB2RA (Jose). My second contact was with a Swiss club station based at Zurich Airport.

Saturday I had some work to do on the Boat so i took Alfie with me, the missus had misgivings about this as he can be a handful. Well I was pleasantly surprised, I have never made the journey with Alf alone, something I did with my old dog Sam many times. Alf was as good as gold on the journey as well as while I was working in the engine bay. I even dug out Sams old football for Alf to play with, silly things really, but it made me feel good.

After a bit of buggering about I managed to replace the fuel lines but not before I had to change the lift pump. For some reason the new pipe wouldn’t fit the lift pump, it wouldn’t grip the olive. As luck had it I always keep a spare lift pump so had one in the locker. I have always kept a spare lift pump on the boat, this is a relatively cheap component that can stop the boat if and when it fails. So for the sake of £20 quid, two pipe connections and two securing nuts and a ten minute job, I always keep one in the locker.

Me and Alf got back early Saturday evening and poor Alfie ate his dinner and went straight to bed, not to be seen again that night, the boat used to tire my old dog out and it looks like Alf is the same.

Its looks like spring is on it’s way, maybe a little early, but I see a lot of shoots on the shrubs and trees and I even heard a woodpecker in the woods today. I am looking forward to the warmer weather.

That’ll do for now

Message ends——————————————————————–va

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