Spring is here at last

I’m pretty upbeat as I write this, it is amazing what a slight change in the weather can do.

I managed to get a fair bit of radio in this week and even broke my record for number of CW QSO’s in one day, this is now eight. For the last couple of months I have set myself a target to push my use of morse, and that is to have an average of one qso per day for the whole month. I have failed miserably over the past couple of months, however for March I am bang smack on target. I am also setting myself a target of 100 different countries, although I feel this will take forever, presently I have worked 13 different countries on the key.

I have decided to give the CW classes a miss now after thinking long and hard about it. Its not that I think I’m above the lessons, I just find that I’m picking up more by being on the radio, and at 13-15 wpm I can hold my own by being selective with my qso’s. All this means is that I only call people if I am comfortable with their sending speed on their CQ call or previous over, so far I haven’t had a problem.

I have also got back into the UKAC VHF contests, I worked the 432mhz contest last Tuesday, and while my qso’s were in single figures (9), I did manage two 200 mile + contacts on 70cms, this is quite an achievement for my set up. I aim to improve my previous best standing (2012) of 170th.

A trip to the boat this weekend saw me finally complete my fuel line repairs and apart from a minor fuel leak on the fuel sedimenter she is just about ready for the boat safety certificate.

Onwards and upwards!

Message ends———————————————————-va


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