I’m glad that week is over

Well, I’ve had a rotter of a week. It started off with me under the microscope due to allegations from a customer that my department had provided a very poor service. While I had no concerns that I could disprove the allegations, the amount of time involved in pulling all the facts together and the fact that it’s like being circled by sharks all in all made for a week I’d like to forget. Unfortunately all this faff meant my radio activity was reduced greatly. This means that I am now behind on my monthly CW target of one QSO per month. I’m still happy though as I’m only six QSO’s behind and I think a concerted effort next week may see me get that back in line, we’ll have to see.

Band conditions have been a bit up and down this weekend, I managed a couple of CW qso’s one with Norman (GM4KGK) in Stornoway western isles. This is the first Scottish station I have worked on the key, it had the added bonus of having a relatively rare WAB square, so it was a good result all round for me. This brings my total countries worked to 14, with the Germans being the most common contacts for me.

In other news I got in contact with an old friend this week via Facebook. He was someone I got friendly with when I was 15 and joined a local cycling club. Javelin CC was a club based in Forest Gate, and run by a guy called George Matthews. I often wonder what happened to George, he was a good bloke and would always help you out with a loan of a bike if you couldn’t go out. We used to meet every Tuesday night at Durning Hall Forest Gate and again every Sunday morning at either Ilford Broadway or Woolwich Ferry, and from there we would go off for the day on a route George had worked out. We also used to go Youth Hostelling some weekends and I visited lots of interesting places even going as far as Wales on one long weekend. Anyway I got in touch with my old mate Joe and while looking on his facebook found a couple of pictures of me, when I had hair, with the bike.

I’m the one in white with my back to the camera. Judging by the bike I’m on this was around 1976 and I think at Matching Green Essex.

2014-03-22 19.00.30






Below: taken in 1977 just outside Ross on Wye, me (middle) Joe (Left) and I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the other lads name.

2014-03-22 19.00.18









I have some very fond memories of Javelin CC and the guys I ised to ride with, it now all seems like a lifetime away.

The weekend is almost over and my thoughts are being pulled back into work mode so I will have to leave it there this time

Message ends —————————————————————–va

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