Foiled again!

As you may know, for the past three months I have set myself a target of one CW QSO per day through the whole month. You may remember, I have failed miserably with 4 out of 31 for January, 11 out of 28 for February, so 31 for March seemed impossible. Unfortunately I failed again, however this time it was a much more respectable 22 out of 31, in fact if I went and had 9 qso’s tomorrow I would have achieved it, not likely. I am not downhearted about it I think I did quite well and I reckon April may be my month.

What didn’t help my CW activity this month was a last minute unplanned visit to the factory in Ballymena. So Wednesday night saw me getting on a plane to go to Belfast. The reason for the visit was because we had a customer coming across to sign off their order of new buses. Normally when I visit I end up staying about 5 minutes from the factory, however this time I was stopping in a hotel called 10 square right smack bang in the middle of Belfast city centre. The visit passed by without incident and on Friday afternoon saw me back on a plane to Stansted. The flight was absolutely jam packed and I found myself sat in among a group of young ladies on there way to London for a boozy weekend. Judging by the conversations I pity any poor lad tried his luck with them.

I had intended to take part in the CQWPX annual contest this weekend, I had absolutely no luck on Saturday, things were that bad I was beginning to doubt my equipment, in fact I only managed a Polish special event station (HF15NATO) on the key. I went into the shack on Sunday morning to get my saw to cut a cabinet I had just built, I switched on the radio on 10 metres and it was absolutely buzzing. I had a dabble and was straight in working a Russian station. I quickly cut the wood and went back to the shack, I then went on to work 22 stations in the contest and added two new countries to my list Aruba and Brazil, I was selective in my contacts and managed the Azores, Canaries, Greece Turkey, Canada, USA and Madeira Island to name but a few.

Next week I should get my new car.

I have had a good weekend and look forward to the next one

Message ends——————————————————–va

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