CQ 2 metres

After a number of failed attempts to use the radio clubs excellent antenna array for the RSGB’s UKAC tuesda evening contests I managed to get my radio to tune on the 2 metre beam on Tuesday night. My son came along on Tuesday night to assist me and to rescue me in the event that I end up electrocuting myself. It’s handy having young blood about, I got Pat to wind up the mast, good lad.

We kicked off at 8pm sharp and got stuck in straight away working a few of the regulars including a local ham who was portable in Kent (M0DXR). As time went on the contacts started drying up and with hindsight I think my strategy was wrong. When the next one comes up I will stake out on a frequency and just call, and then with about an hour to go I will move around an pounce on a few, last Tuesday I did it the opposite way around and while I made 31 contacts, I know I could have done better. I am still happy with my results, I managed three stations more than 400 miles away with Germany the best at 483 miles.

2014-04-01 23.58.52


Left: a map of my result showing Isle of Man, Scotland and Germany all over 400 miles.





In other news I picked up my new company car on Thursday, it is a Volkswagen Passat estate. In all the cars I’ve had over the years I’ve never had a VW, so we’ll see how it works out.

2014-04-03 15.14.51



Left: my new motor




After three weeks of trying to sort out a fuel leak on the boat I took a run up to Norfolk today to try and get to the bottom of it. As you may remember I fitted a new sedimenter a few weeks ago and have suffered leaks ever since. After changing fuel lines, lift pump unions etc etc I still had a leak. This morning I climbed into the engine bay and removed the sedimenter, I then stripped it down and noticed that I had twisted one of the main seals on the the original installation. I was quite chuffed as I was adamant that this was the cause of the leak. I fitted it all back together, bled the system, ran the boat up and went off to play ball with Alf. I came back 30 minutes later and I could smell diesel again, on inspection it was leaking again. By now I was getting angry, I then removed the sedimenter with the fuel lines attached and watched to see if I could see where the leak was coming from, lo and behold I was rewarded pretty sharpish as I saw a stream running down the body, looking very closely I could see a hairline crack. So there it is, the brand new part was faulty, I will get this one replaced and we’ll be back on track again.

2014-04-05 13.26.38


Left: the offending sedimenter







Till next time—————————————————————–va

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