Can anybody here me

Well I ended last week on a high with my contacts made during the 2 metre contest and everything was looking up and I was really looking forward to the 432mhz contest.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. more like leave it the last minute and see how it goes. On Tuesday night I went out to the shack in the hope to improve on my 70cm results. I fired up the Icom and listened to see if I could hear anyone warming up in the ten minutes before the contest started. I was surprised to hear no one. 8pm came and scanning through the 70cm band and nothing, I turned the rotator and scanned the band but absolutely nothing, in desperation I tuned to 439.550mhz where a few locals have a net on FM, ah I could hear someone. The only problem was I was only getting around a S3 which for a station less than two miles away was not right. With that, I shut the station down and shuffled off back in doors to consider my options. Suffice it to say M0PHO did not provide an entry for  432UKAC on the 8th April and I am gutted.

The rest of the week flew by my right han man at work was off last week and I have to say he was sorely missed, but I’m hoping he had a well deserved rest.

My radio activity has not been good this week at all, with only two morse stations worked all week and that was from G6UT.

Sunday I took the 70cm beam down to try to get to the bottom of the deafness problem. After a lot of buggering around I managed to get the beam down, and while I was convinced the problem was with the beam itself I thought I’d connect it direct to the radio and get Pat to hold it while I got a radio check from a local ham (M3JHQ). Prior to removal of the antenna I received a signal 4 and he received a signal 2. Connected direct I received S40+ and he received likewise. There for the problem must be in the original feeder.

There is no contest this week so to speak, well only 4m and I am not set up for that, this should give me time to get the antennas sorted.

Walking Alf back from his walk today and I came across some Goldfinches near the back of my house, in all the years I fed the birds I never once saw a Goldfinch visit, its a bind having cats and while I would not harm them I look forward to the day I can start feeding them again.

That’s all for now


Message ends———————————————————–va

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