Pile up, Anyone?

I had a first this weekend, the club also holds the call sign GB0MGY for Marconi’s commemoration weekend. Over the past couple of years the club has not fully supported this which has been has been a bit of a thorn in my side. This year I voiced my concerns about this and we managed to keep the station running for the best part of 36 hours. Alan (M0TEC) did the first stint starting from Midnight on Friday and worked through the night and got us started with more than 100 contacts worked, the station was then taken over by other members through the day and over 500 stations worked by the time me and Ken (G0HRR) took over on Saturday evening. Me and Ken took over about 6pm and quickly got into a pile up I did the logging and Ken worked the mic. We managed to pull in stations from Pakistan, Thailand Taiwan and Indonesia and by the time Ken finished he had worked 118 stations. At 8pm I took over the station to work through the night on my own. I was amazed at how a pile up works, you end up with 50 or more stations all giving their callsigns and somehow you have to make out one and pick it from the bunch. This is easier said than done, unless there is a really strong station you can normally only make out one or two letters from the callsign and that’s where the fun starts. At 2am I found myself working a pile of US and Canadian stations who were in the most part very patient. The time flew by and things dropped off by 04:30 so I managed to grab an hours sleep. I went back on the radio at 06:00 and managed to work an Australian mobile station which was a first for me.

All told I worked 268 stations overnight, to put that into perspective, in the first 12 months of having my M0 call, I only managed 312 contacts! In 12 Months!!!!

I handed the station over to Richard (2E0XRS)and Titanic Terry (G0BXL) at 10 am and went home for a cracking breakfast made by the missus. The latest news in is that we worked over 1000 stations this weekend, a fantastic result.

Roll on next year and Marconi weekend.


message ends——————————————————va

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