Long time no type

It’s been a couple of weeks so I thought I’d better update the blog.

I failed miserably on my one per day CW challenge last month. mainly due to workloads and other commitments. This month however is a different matter, it is the 10th and I am bang on target, I will work a few stations tomorrow and that will put me slightly in front. My friend Bob G0AGO and me are also doing the alphabet challenge as well. That is to try to work log the last letter of every station worked and try to complete the alphabet over the course of a month. It is harder than it sounds. So far I have ticked off 7 letters, this is going to be difficult to say the least. The CW is coming on quite well and I am feeling more at ease when sending, I find that working a station per day is helping me to stop going rusty.

Last week I did something I never thought I’d do, I bought a linear amplifier for the radio, my friend Jon was upgrading so I bought his old one. I have always been a bit suspect about buying an amp, preferring the QRP route. However I have worked out that if I live to be 100 I’ll probably not get a half of the DXCC’s. So I decided that with 350 watts I may be able to push my signal a bit further. I have yet to try out the amp as I have to make a lead up with a ten pin din plug and Maplins do not sell these. So I have to wait for the plugs to arrive from Poland.

I was active this week in the 144MHz UKAC contest, while I never had as many contacts as the previous months, I did manage 11 squares, 4 DXCC’c and 27 contacts. Map below:

2014-05-06 23.19.00









I had a strange one on Facebook this week, my mothers sister got in touch with me, my Aunt Flo. I have a very vague memory of her from about 1966-7 when we went to visit them in South London, apart from that I have never had any contact with her. I had intended to let the request drop off and just leave it, but after giving it some thought I dropped her a line, she seems pretty well together for a 79 year old and in her reply she did ask again so I couldn’t refuse her. This conflicts with me as I have noticed my “friends” list getting larger again and I don’t like it.

Its Saturday evening and its just me and Lesley at home, I’ve just started on my first bottle of Ghost Ship, it’ll be a chinese tonight and a chill in front of the box. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Message ends———————————————————–va




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