Last night saw my third go at the 2m UKAC contest, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to change my tactics.

I managed 29 contacts last night and 11 squares, I managed to put a few new contacts in the book, I even swapped my FT-897 for my IC-910, the reason being because the IC-910 will put out 100 watts compared to the 25 watts from the 897. However looking back at the previous results last night saw my points down on the previous nights. I never managed any continental, Scottish or Island stations, although I did work a Welsh station in Cardiff.

Currently I use the search and pounce method, this just means going up and down the band listening for stations and then pouncing on them, one of the drawback of this is that it can take some time to find a station then swing the beam around to get them properly. It’s not very efficient, but you are able to keep an ear out for the squares you need. The other method involve staying put on the one frequency and calling and calling, drawback is a lack of selectivity for the stations you need.

Given that the past three 2m contests I have managed around the 30 mark it would appear that I would be unlikely to improve on this sticking to the same approach, so It looks like next week I am going to find a quit spot and just dig and call. I’ll let you know how I get on

Insanity: to do the same thing time and again, but expect different results each time

Jun 2m ukac









Message ends———————————————————–va

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