Afloat at last!

As said last time Martha finally passed her Boat Safety Test, so last weekend me and Lesley went off to Stalham to do so finishing touches and take the boat out. We spent the day on the moorings and decided to go out on the Sunday, it was Alfs first time out the boat so we didn’t want to go too far. Sunday morning we set of for Barton about half an hours run, we needed to fill the water tank and there is a hose at Barton Turf, the boat went off without a problem, and we moored at Barton Turf for a little while and watched the world go by. Then we set off for Gays Staithe which is on the other side of Barton Broad, we got to Gays Staithe and found it full so we decided to go back to the moorings. As we were entering Barton Broad I noticed the engine change pitch and could smell burning, not a good thing when you are afloat. I quickly got the boat out of the main channel and put the mudweight down. The engine temperature was at 110c and boiling. On closer inspection we had blown a hose, after letting it all cool down I saw that the hose on the thermostat housing had split. I managed to cut off the split part of the hose and get it to fit back on, all in all I made a very good temporary repair and we managed to get back to Broadsedge in one piece.

We spent the rest of the weekend up there and came back early on Monday morning.

The morse is coming on in leaps and bounds, the more you do it the easier it gets. I have now had 110 CW contacts since January. I am enjoying the Morse mode, you tend to exchange much more information than on phone/ssb and people will answer you when you call CQ, which I find rarely happens on SSB.

I now have all the pieces I need to get the Mag Loop working and I aim to concentrate on this next week, I just have to modify the mast a little, hopefully I should have it working by the weekend.

I’ll update this next week.

Message ends————————————————————va

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