Another Cracking Weekend

Last week I noticed the alternator on my Land Rover was working erratically, on inspection I noticed that it had overheated and some of the wires were burnt. I hadn’t noticed but the bearings in the alternator must have been getting progressively noisier, because it was making a hell of a racket.I managed to pick up a reconditioned alternator for £80 from Terrainvehicles and it turned up 2 days laters. So after an hour of scraping my knuckles I had the new part fitted and Odin was working again.

As I write this I have just returned from a long weekend in Norfolk on the boat. After nearly two years of inactivity (boatwise) we are certainly getting some use out of Martha.

The rivers are much busier at this time of year on account of the six week school holiday. The weather was blistering with a temperature of 29c. This meant that Alf made use of the cooling effects of the marina and went for a swim several times. Overnight we had a light display by way of a local thunderstorm, the only downside was that this idiot left his camera behind, but it was good all the same.

During a bored spell on Sunday I got the brush out and decided to give the old girl a wash, not Lesley, the boat. I have been putting this off because the dirt has become really ingrained over the last year and despite washing the roof several times over the past month, it rarelyt makes much difference. I got my trusty scourer out and set to the roof, this is quite a job as the pad is around 4″x6″ and Martha’s roof is more than 72 sq ft. Anyway two hours later and I was really pleased with the results, the roof was back to its former glory and Martha looked loved again.

We were treated Saturday night to a glorious sunset, again I forgot my camera.

2014-07-20 15.14.16 HDR

Alfie up to mischief as usual.

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