Onwards and Upwards

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Just when I thought I could smell autumn, we have had a week of mid 20c temperatures, although hopefully we should see the temperatures dropping soon. I like my seasons to be as they should.


Interesting things happening at work currently, we are opening another workshop in SE London/Kent. I am in the middle of taking on new engineers admin and a storeman. Very busy, very good.


My CW continues to improve and my microphone has cobwebs all over it. I have made 180 contacts on the key so far this year, I’m hoping for 250 by the end of the year. I have decided to stand down from the committee of my local radio club, I have also decided to cut back my activity there also.

I visited the National Hamfest this week, which is tiny compared to Freidrichafen and Deyton, but its our rally and it should be supported. I always manage to do see what I need to see in about and hour and half. I had a look at the new FT-3000 and I had to walk away when the salesman came over for fear that I’d end up buying one. I bought a kit from Kanga for a qrp 60m transciever, that’ll give me something to do over the winter. I also bought a book of qrp project plans, something else to keep me going over the winter.

That’ll do for now


Message ends——————————————————-va


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