It’s been a funny couple of weeks, I have found myself in a really reflective mood, and I’m not sure why that is. I have been reading Danny Bakers new book and there are a lot of similarities in our childhoods and I think that may have something to do with it. Last weekend I took a drive around my old stamping ground, Plaistow. The area has completely changed, not so much the architecture, although there have been some big changes here and there, but the inhabitants. London has always been a melting pot with people coming from all over the place to earn a crust, however what is really evident here is the speed at which this European influx have settled in. Most of the shops in my old neighbourhood cater for the Eastern Europeans with shop signage in cyrillic or urdu or the seemingly odd 10 letter words with only one vowel and at least two Z’s. I can’t say I am happy about this, but I can do little to change anything, I am concerned for the future.


Radio activity has been very quiet of late due to a mixture of things, work has been hectic, the bands have been quiet and I have had a real downturn in enthusiasm for the club. I don’t need the club to play radio and I don’t expect this lack of activity to continue when I leave the club this year. Watch this space.


Work has been really hectic and it’s all happening at the moment. We have taken up residence in our new premises in Orpington. I now have an administrator and she is a godsend, she has taken shedloads of work off me, allowing me to get on with the other stuff.


I had a dream the other night about my dad, my old fella died about eleven years ago now and the last months of his life were miserable. In the dream he looked really well and was wearing a blue cardigan (the cardigan tied into a story he told me about his first date). It was brief but I woke up feeling really good, although I don’t believe dreams, mean anything prophetic, its still nice to see a face you haven’t seen in years. I think I’m really lucky, for though me and my father had some belters of rows over the years, far more so than my siblings. I can say I had the best relationship with him compared to my brothers and sister. There are many reasons for this that I won’t go into here. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of Pat, especially when I bump into someone we both knew or I see an old coach that he or we either drove or repaired, and would dearly love to have a chat with him about it.


My oldest friend Guiseppe came round yesterday and spent the day with me, we had a long chat about old times, old girlfriends and the state of the nationIt’s always great to see Guiseppe and he is coming over again next week when I get the parts to fix his car.

Daughters Boyfriend

We have been seeing a bit of Toni’s boyfriend Dan, I have to say he is a really nice chap and they seem really comfortable around each other. I’m hoping it continues.


That’s all for now





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