A new perspective

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, I’ve actually managed to take some holiday albeit the odd day here and there. Work is getting easier with a few extra people to share the load.


I haven’t put as much time into the radio of late as I would like to. I don’t think this is related to my decision to leave Harlow Radio Club but I have lacked enthusiasm lately. This weekend I decided to move my shack back into the house, the loft actually. With a little help from my son the move was quite painless and all equipment worked first time. The equipment doesn’t normally like being moved and I spend a day or two trying to get the computer to synch with the radio, but today the gods felt sorry for me and everything worked first time. I set up the HF radio on 30m and started calling, I got called back straight away from a Czech Republic station and got a 559, I’m happy with that! I worked another 4 stations today a Polish station special event station SN0P, II1XC an Italian special event station and S507PMC a Slovenian Special event station. I am happy being back in the loft, I find it peaceful up there, even if I don’t play Radio I can listen to Radio 4 on my old 1940’s valve set.


Toni has taken to driving quite well, she took herself off to Maidstone this weekend for her friends wedding. She managed to cope with the vagueries of the M25 and got there and back without any drama.

Me and the wife took a trip up to Doncaster this weekend to see her parents. We had a good time, Alfie thoroughly enjoyed it he had a pal to run around with. It was good to see Mick and Ann, we don’t do much but I enjoy just having a talk and catching up. We must go up again before Christmas.

I feeling pretty positive at the moment, in less than 6 years time I will be 60, I had a long chat with Lesley and I think we now have a plan for the next 6 years, it’s nice to know where you are going, I’ve not had any real plan for the past ten years.


That’s enough blabber from me for now

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