Been and Gone

Well, that’s another Christmas over and done with as I sit here on the day after boxing day. Unfortunately Lesley had to work, one of the downsides of being a nurse, and from where I am standing there seems to be less and less plus points to being a nurse. Lesley never got home from work till half past nine on Christmas day so we decided to have our Christmas dinner on Boxing day. We had a good time with both kids present and it was nice to just veg out in front of the telly.


I have been rendered inactive on the HF bands, for 4 years now the ends of my G5RV have been tied to a couple of trees outside my property which belong to the local council. Unfortunately on Tuesday the council decided to cut them down, see below for the results

Bent Antenna






I still have the Co-Linear for 2m & 70cms albeit at a strange angle but the G5RV is now useless. I think I may put the Mag Loop up in it’s place and then make a multiband dipole for when I want to run some power, as the Mag Loop will only handle 150 watts. The winds are a bit High at the moment so I may postpone putting up the loop until the new year. The dipole will cover 20, 17, 15 & 10 metres, watch this space.

I have now been away from the radio club for about 3 months and to be honest I haven’t really missed it, I am still in touch with a couple of the lads but I keep off the 2 metre net.

Other Stuff,

It’s that time of year that we all start thinking about new years resolutions, I need a serious shake up to get things on track for both health and personal reasons.

So here’s to 2015!

Message ends————————————————————–va


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