I love it when a plan comes together

A few months ago when me and the lad were up the boat having a few beers, we came to the conclusion that as a family we don’t really celebrate birthdays. At the time we were a couple of months off of Lesley’s 50th so we decided we were going to do something. It’s always been a little difficult as Lesley’s parents live 160 miles away and have a dog which has to be factored into any plans we may try to make, also Lesley’s parents are now in their 70’s.

The long and the short of it was we decided to, book the in laws including her brother into a local nice hotel and book a table for seven at a very nice restaurant and keep it from Lesley as a surprise, the kids managed to get hold of all her old baby photo’s and had a book bound for her by Photobox to be given to her at the restaurant. Despite a few near misses we managed to keep it a secret from Lesley she only realised when she saw her family at the restaurant. we had a great meal and a fantastic evening, we need to do this more often, seriously!


As usual I was looking at the back of my eyelids before the new year arrived, but I am looking forward to a good 2015, I have a lot of targets (workwise) for the new year and these are going to need some changes in my management style to achieve, I am really looking forward to the challenge though.

Message ends——————————————————————-va




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