We are now the best part through January and I have got my antenna back up for HF, you may remember just before Christmas the council cut the trees down at the back of my property and my G5RV legs over the years had become tangled with the trees and so when they came down so did my my HF antenna. Last weekend with the assistance of my son I put my MFJ mag loop up. The bands were very flat that day and it always makes you wonder whether the antenna is faulty, especially with the mag loop because of its stepper motors and varicaps. Anyway I tried again the week after and sure enough heard SM5OMP on 17m, we managed a good exchange and I received a 599 report from Georgious. So, the mag loop is working, I am also finding it easier to tune, as it did give me a headache when I first tried it. So I’m looking forward to the coming months and an improvement in the band conditions.

My daughter has been working over in New York this month, her company rented her an apartment. She has been living like a New Yorker this month, I have been in contact with her all the time and she has been sending me photo’s and I am glad she has had such an amazing opportunity.

I don’t really have much to say apart from that, its been a quiet month apart from work and I don’t want to dwell on that.

Message ends—————————————————————-va


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