Snow, or something like it

This week the media whipped us all up into a frenzy promising a return to the ice age, and despite protecting my shed from the expected hordes of marauding woolly mammoths, it never happened.

Me the wife and the pooch took a trip to Carcroft to see the in-laws. I enjoy visiting my in-laws, despite all the worn out mother in law jokes I actually like mine. They are getting on a bit now so we try to get up as often as we can, and this year we aim to do the trip once a month.


After a couple of months of neglect, I fired up the radio today and was glad to hear the band conditions on the up. I tuned the antenna to the 30 metre band and made contact with a UK station, a G4 no less and received a 599 report, proof to me that the antenna is performing.  This was quickly followed by a Russian station then a German and finally an Italian station operated by a lady, Barbara IK3RBI. In the years I have been licensed I have worked as many ladies on the key as I have on SSB, the pointer being that I have only been on the key for just over a year.

Not much else to say this week I’m afraid.

Message ends——————————————————————-va

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