Half forgotten memories

I have been in a very reflective mood this week, I tend to get like this when things at work or home aren’t going particularly well, it’s the only sort of escapism I do. I have joined a couple of facebook groups one of which is about the area I lived for over thirty years, it has been strange seeing some of the familiar names appearing, people from my childhood. Facebook has a strange effect on me and I’m sure other people feel the same, I tend to get feelings of inadequacy when looking at other peoples posts as it always looks like they’re living the dream while I plod along. I know this isn’t the case but it dies make me wonder why I stay on facebook.

Work has been a complete chore the past couple of weeks and I am considering my options again. I will watch things closely over the next couple of weeks, and plan my exit strategy if necessary.

we have Alfie since December 2012 and apart from washing him when we got him, plus a couple of dips in the sea and marina, he has never had a bath. The day came today when I took him over Risdens wood and he came back caked in mud and god knows what. I have to say I have been dreading it because the lad can be a bit of a handful. I was pleasantly suprised I helped him in the bath and he stayed put while I washed him, good lad. There was enough dirt at the bottom of the bath to grow potatoes in.

Tomorrow I have a day planned on the radio, Mrs H is on nights tomorrow night so I have some time to play radio while she is sleeping, with a bit of luck.

Onwards and upwards——————————————————va


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