Top of the world Ma!

After a real grind of a couple of weeks last week sort of fizzled out without event, I am glad to say.

Next week may be different as we start receiving a brand new product for one of our customers, fingers crossed we see less issues than on the last batch.

One of my Christmas presents for last year was a trip to the Shard, the UK’s tallest building. I was supposed to go back in 2013 but a bad back put paid to that. So my daughter paid out (again) for tickets for last Saturday. To say I love London is an understatement, however since taking up a job with my current employer I have not found time to have my normal wander around the city. This weekends trip saw my first venture into London on foot since early 2010. We arrived at Liverpool Street and caught the bus to London Bridge, we were early so had a wander around Borough market, when I worked at TfL this was my Friday lunchtime haunt as it was only 10 minutes away from the office. It was much busier than it used to be. There was stacks of stuff I wanted to buy but didn’t fancy lugging them around with me after, so I think a Saturday morning jaunt is planned in the next couple of weeks.

Our trip to the viewing deck was booked for Midday, and I was impressed at how organised the whole place was. I grew up in a block of flats in Plaistow on the 13th floor, and the lists in the Shard got me to the 33 floor quicker than lifts in settle point got me to the 13th.

The view from the viewing platform was fantastic, I didn’t want to come back down, it’s great to see London from that height, the viewing platform was busy, but not too busy. After the Shard me and Toni had lunch in Wagamama’s at Tower Hill, I’ve never been to this chain before but I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a bit more than I’d normally pay for a lunch but it was nice all the same.

We finished the day with a walk along the South Bank, but I have to say my lack of activity since breaking my legs really showed. I am suffering today with my back, my legs and my feet. I really have to change my lifestyle.

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