This is not my Beautiful Wife

I’ve been chasing around all over the place this week looking forward to the weekend. Every couple of months my old Colleagues from FTA meet up at a pub near Leadenhall Market in the City of London, I haven’t been for more than 5 years. The build up to this has left me in a reflective mood thinking of some of the characters I worked with at the FTA. We had a great night and it was really good to see them all after so long. While they all looked pretty much the same, the topic of conversation has now moved to pensions, reitrement and moving out of London. The other thing was that when talking about the kids, they were all now grown up, Time flies, it has now been 9 years since I left FTA and it is now a completely different beast to the one I started at 20 years ago, still, nothing stays the same.


I have been pretty quiet but I am still keeping the CW up, I worked Michael in Germany tonight and Karl in Austria in the week.


The battle of the bulge is under way and I have taken up cycling again, I have a long way to go, but intend to keep at it.


Message ends—————————————————————-va

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