Burning Ring of Fire

This weekend saw Easter arrive, I love this time of year, not for any religious regions but purely for the fact that us worker have two four day weeks with a four day weekend sandwiched in the middle.


Lesley had two night shifts to do this weekend so I couldn’t venture far. This was useful as it meant I would be able to get some more miles into my legs. I got up bright and early Friday morning with good intentions, but alas, it was pissing down with rain. Unfortunately I have no wet get at present so the ride was off. I had better luck on Saturday morning as it stayed dry. I set off to do my eight mile local circuit, I still found it a bit of a stretch but not as much as I did last week, all in all I did the circuit in bang on one hour, six minutes faster than last week, and with fewer stops.

I was quite psyched up after this ride so I set about making a couple of adjustments to the workhorse, toe clips and end bars and I was happy. After a bit of deliberation I decided that Sunday’s ride would be done on the road, a trip out to Matching Green. I felt as though I could manage the 23 mile circuit so planned that.

Sunday was overcast when I set out but at least it was dry. Getting out of Harlow is a bugger if you are unfit, like me, as you have to climb to get out into the country. So I was puffing well by the time I got to Foster Street. I was doing quite well until about 5 miles in but then got concerned about the pain in my backside. I decided to do what I called the Matching Short Circuit, which means turning off before Little Laver and heading direct Matching. I did quite well and was pretty pleased with myself when I got back home after covering 16.5 miles albeit in the leisurely time of 1hr 40. I am looking forward to my 8 miler tomorrow.


I paid a visit to the Harlow Radio Club on Friday, this was my first visit in 5 months or more. The reason for my visit was pick up a panadapter for my FT-950. It was good to see the lads but I didn’t a stay long and I am not hankering to get back there.

Looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow.


Message ends———————————————————–va


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