My body is a cage

After a very busy March April has been a little more sedate, the cycling is going well and I can feel my fitness coming back although it is still quite a way off. I am currently riding at weekends and I am managing around 20-25 miles per weekend. I am still only using my hybrid bike, I prefer the gear ratios on the road bike but its a means to an end.


The sun has been busy of late firing flares into the solar system, and as any radio ham will know, this causes disruption to the Ionosphere. Radio uses the Ionosphere to bounce bounce signals around the globe. So of late the airwaves have been a bit flat. I have managed a few contacts but tonight I went into the shack and after working a Dutch station on 40m I switched to 17m and heard an Indian special event station, I managed to get back to him straight away. Straight after I worked him I switched to 40m and worked a station in Montenegro. So tonight I have worked two new countries on the key.

The weekend is here and I need to make some plans.


Message ends——————————————————————va

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