Arrivederci Toni!

Boat, blah blah blah, dog blah blah blah, Radio blah blah blah.

That’s the normal stuff out of the way, now for the fantastic news. My youngest sprog Toni, who works in marketing (an industry I have no idea how it makes money) has gone and landed herself a job in Italy. She’s sets off for Florence in a couple of weeks time. This is an amazing opportunity for her and I know she will do really well. She already has a flat sorted out and I will drive out in December and take some of her stuff out, as we speak I am just planning the journey.

I haven’t driven in Europe for about 30 years now so this will be interesting. The plan is to get the ferry to either Calais or Dunkirque then down through France to Italy, the sat nav calculates it to be a 15 hour 1000 mile drive to Florence which is going to be a grind, I’m looking forward to getting some photos.My son may be coming along with me for the ride but he has to see if he can get the time off.

It is going to be strange without Toni and all the noise, we have very a very similar sense of humour so I know I’ll probably find it hard. I’m pretty sure that this job will be a stepping stone onto other things and I wish her all the luck and good fortune in the world.

message ends————————————————————————–va

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