Road Trip Pt1

I am sitting here on a Sunday night writing this, Lesley has gone to work and I am contemplating the coming week.

Last week my son Pat and I made a road trip to Italy to see Toni. I haven’t driven on the continent for nearly 30 years and to be quite honest I have been doubting myself when I think back to the journeys I made as a 24 year old coach driver.

By road Florence is around 1000 miles from Harlow, 15 years ago I would have done this in one very long day, I know my limitations so I booked a stop halfway on the way out and on the way back. We caught a DFDS ferry from Dover and managed to catch an earlier boat due the earlier one being delayed due to the weather. The journey down to Ulm was a bit of a drag, we hit some big delays around Munich and Stuttgart and finally got to the hotel at about 8pm. The hotel had a nice bar and it was good to sit there having a drink with my son. The next day we got up and noticed that the hotel was right next to the river overlooking the old town, so we set off to take some photo’s before we set off for the run down to Florence.

I wanted to go via Westendorf in Austria as I had spent a month there in 1985. I really liked the run down, motorway driving in Germany is so much better than in England. People really have good lane discipline and during my time there I never saw any near misses, despite the higher road speeds.

We got to Westendorf by late morning and I was disappointed to find that the hotel I wanted to visit was closed for December. So we took some snaps and made our way south through the mountains and finally got to Florence around 5pm.

We parked the car outside Toni’s flat, which was a ten minute walk to the hotel.

To be continued

Message ends…………………………………………………………………………………va


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