Road trip ptII

Our hotel was a ten minute walk from Toni’s flat.

The hotel was very basic but clean and comfortable, the beauty of it was that it was so central. After a quick catch up with Toni we set off for a wander around the city.

Toni was learning her way around quite well and showed some of the sites. We stopped in one of the squares and found a restaurant. We had a meal which was not bad, a typical tourist type restaurant. The Italians go out much later than us Brits and think nothing of walking into a restaurant at ten o’clock at night, lunch is around 3pm.


After a long walk round we said goodnight to Toni and I went to bed, Patrick wandered around the city for a bit longer..

i got up early on the Sunday and set off with my camera to get some shots. Florence is a very photogenic city, I will post my pictures in the gallery tomorrow.

Toni took us to a place where she goes to lunch, I only had a roll but the ingredients were fantastic.

We did some more sightseeing including a tour of her flat. She took us to a local restaurant for our dinner and I had the best pizza I have ever had. I will definitely be paying this place a visit when me and Lesley visit in February.  Almost as soon as it started our visit to see Toni was over.

We set off early on the Monday morning, we managed to say goodbye to Toni before we left.

We headed north following the coast road, it really was very scenic, unfortunately Pat slept through a lot of the first leg and only really woke up as we started climbing.

The route took us through Mont Blanc and along the white route to Dijon, the scenery was magnificent, photos in the gallery.

We stopped at an Ibis hotel in Dijon overnight, the hotel was very sterile as to be expected with an Ibis but it served its purpose.

Long story short we got home without any problems.

I am looking forward to another road trip in the summer and a flight out with Lesley in February

Message ends—————————————————————va


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