Out with the old

Another year passes.

2015 has been a good year on the whole, I still haven’t managed to learn the knack of switching of and relaxing, at my age now I doubt I ever will. We managed 35 nights on the boat, which is a massive improvement on the previous couple of years.

Two years after breaking my leg it finally feels like its getting back to normal.

Toni started off the year working in New York and has ended the year in Florence, I am immensely proud of both my kids, but for Toni to up sticks and move to Italy on her own speaks volumes. I am proud that she has the bottle and confidence to do this. It’s such a shame that so many young girls feel all they have in front of them is to get knocked up and try to find a man. Toni has shown that if you get off your arse and push yourself you can make it happen. I have no doubt that this will lead on to other things, she was headhunted for this job and for a 26 year old that’s good.

I have managed to get to every Orient home game this season, which is an achievement in itself. I wish I could say the same for the O’s current form.

For the first time in a number of years I don’t think I’ve made any new friends, not in a facebook sense, I’m talking about real friends. I’ve let a few go also. I have come to realise that I don’t really like people very much and I’m comfortable with that, when it comes to life, you can only rely on the face that looks back at you in the mirror every morning.
I have had some contact from some distant family members including some family friends from when I was a kid living in a flat in Plaistow. I have exchanged a few emails but most of the time they are just fishing, it all becomes a game of one upmanship, so I have cut those off as well. There was a time I would have given my left testicle away to have some contact with these people. But contact with my mothers family was always a little strained for various reasons and I find after all these years I really don’t feel the need to have any contact.

I lost a few friends and relatives this year, which is all part of growing up I suppose and this will continue until its my turn, some are predictable and some are surprising but it happens all the same.

I find myself quite buoyant this year with more spare cash than I’ve ever had, sure enough money doesn’t solve everything, but it helps.

Christmas was quiet this year, Lesley ended up working again, so it was just me and the dog and a Skype call to Toni, we had our Christmas day on Boxing day again, as I said quiet but nice all the same.

I start the new year in an even better place than I have been in the past couple of years, but I found myself the other week reminiscing about a holiday in the south of France and two kids catching young frogs, it was idyllic. Time moves on and takes us with it.

So come on 2016 bring it on.


Happy new year

Message ends—————————————————————————————va



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