Bleedin Man Flu

The missus has had a bad cold for a about a week, this normally doesn’t bother me as I have the constitution of an Ox and don’t normally catch these things, and if I do I normally get the watered down version. I didn’t get away with that this week, I caught a real heavy dose.

I did manage to work a few stations on the key including a Bulgarian special event station. I didn’t get up the club however, the average age of the member must be in the 70’s, in fact the fact that I am one of the youngers ones gives you an idea. Anyway I didn’t fancy passing my germs on to the old buggers. That and the fact that Mrs H was on nights so I had a chance for a night in front of the telly and not have to watch Eastenders or Corrie or anything like that. So I sat there with the pooch and after about ten minutes I realised there is bugger all on the telly anyway.

We had a bit of snow today not much but just enough to give the ground a bit of a covering and make everything look clean..

Busy week coming up next week with a conference early in the week followed up by a trip to Northern Ireland at the end of the week, and possible a trip up to Norfolk at the weekend.

Very often I hint at issues with my extended family and I don’t think I ever really go further than that. One of my friends has suggested that I write it all down as a means of closing the door on the matter. I always feel that I have got past the issue then something crops up and I get the same old feelings of anger and frustration. I write my blog for my purpose only, the site has around 4 visitors per month and I believe 3 of those are me. I like it that way, the blog serves no purpose other than a journal and reference point for me.

So my next post will be a warts and all write up on my dysfunctional, family. Not the ones I live with, but the ones I used to live with.


Message ends—————————————————————————————-va


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