You can have it all, my empire of dirt!

As much as I enjoy the winter I do welcome the change as the season passes on, the days are now noticeably getting longer with sunset now putting an appearance in around 5pm. I mainly notice this because of walking the dogs, I take Alfie in the woods for his walks but when it gets dark I can’t see him, so I tend to notice the light changes and the time I take the pooch out.

This week I booked the flights and hotel for our upcoming trip to Florence to see our daughter. We will be staying for 6 days and this will give us a good chance to have a look around the place, we are also hoping to take a train to Rome, I haven’t been there since 1984. Toni has now had the chance to find some other walks and I am looking forward to taking the camera. I got some good (by my standards) photos when I was over in December, Florence is a very photogenic city.

Toni has now started her Italian lessons and she tells me it is a difficult language to learn. She has made some friends over there and her flatmates are very good, she shares a flat with two Italian girls and she is thoroughly enjoying it. She works with a multitude of nationalities and this can only be a good thing, friends all over the world means more travel. I am envious of people who are able to travel, I did a bit when I was younger but never got outside Europe and only did it through work. Don’t get me wrong it was better than working in Tesco’s in Kilburn High Road, but compared to people who can pop a rucksack on and bugger off to New Zealand it does not compare. I learned how travel broadened your horizons early on, I remember coming back from a breakdown on the Spanish border when I was 20, I walked into the my local and my mates were talking about a traffic jam on the Barking road and I told them about an accident I’d seen on the route de la Soleil, and I was hooked.

Right that’ll do for now.


Message ends————————————————————————————–va


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