I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch them gallop by

So here we are it’s D Day!

I’m writing this at the end of a week which started really well and descended into the snake pit very quickly.

The O’s

Orient played Northampton Town last Saturday, it was always going to hard, especially as Northampton are at the top of the league and on a winning streak. Orient however have been pulling a few surprises since we got the new player manager. However it was not to be on Saturday. We held them well in the first half and ran our socks off, however when they came out in the second half Northampton had the measure of us and ran us all over the pitch, we were very soon two nil down which saw hundreds of “O’s fans” get up and walk out. In the last ten minutes Northampton scored another two goals and I was willing the final whistle. I get really angry when fans do this, I know they pay their ticket and can show their upset whatever way they want, but it is football and anything can happen. But I really don’t think you can call yourself a supporter if you do that, we have got 9 points from the last five games which I think is pretty good in Orient terms!


Now doing my last minute packing for Florence, we are on the 8:10am flight to Bologna. Can’t wait to see Toni, although we talk every day, I do miss her. There are a few more places I’m going to visit, and plenty of walking.

Blast from the Past

I bumped in to an old friend of my dads last week. Patsy Cullen, he worked at Evan Evans with me and my old man, he was a Cornishman, a real character who always had a fiddle or scam. He hadn’t changed at all, still trying to work out his next money making scheme. Poor sod didn’t look like he had a pot to piss in. He was a great guy to sit in a pub with, after an evening with him your sides would be aching. Daft thing is after all these years he still has a Cornish accent. There’s not too many blokes left who worked with my dad and I am in touch with most of them, however they are starting to drop off the perch now.

Right, that’ll do time to go and get my travel stuff together.


Message ends———————————————————————————-va

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