The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away

Well spring has put in a proper appearance at last and the evenings are getting lighter. I got out on my road bike today and put a few miles in, my legs are still a bit wobbly but after tomorrows run they’ll settle down.


I met up with a few mates at the football last week, and we had a few pints and a good natter. The result was awful but we had a good time catching up and remembering old mates, a few of which are now dead, one of the joys of getting older I guess.


I had a phone call recently from an agency, they got my details from Linkedin because of my experience with Hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles. It was a bit of a bolt out of the blue, but the upshot is they are paying me handsomely to carry out some consultancy work for a foreign company who are looking to introduce a Hydrogen network into the UK. The rate is fantastic and equates to about one days work per month. Unfortunately I cannot give any more details than that, I have had a telephone conference to scope out the work and have started already. It’s nice to have something to sink my teeth into.


Message ends————————————————————————va



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