Don’t jump off the roof dad

I write this as we are half way through the Easter weekend, this is a four day weekend and two four day working weeks. Toni is home this weekend for a flying visit and has spent some of it catching up with friends, she’ll need a break when she gets back home.


I had a cracking weekend on the radio, Lesley was on nights for two nights which meant I could sit in my shack and work the world, which I pretty much did. The key got a hammering, I managed a couple of Asiatic Russian Stations as well as the US NY and Illinois, plus Canada and quite a few EU stations. I am knocking the rust from my wrist and had a real block today trying to send BT, which came out more like X.

I have also put the FT-7800 in my work car, as I spend more time in this car than the Landrover. It has been interesting but Ofcom really messed this up when they changed the licensing system (IMHO). Years ago you had to pass a morse test before you were allowed on the HF bands, this meant that non morse stations were restricted to the VHF & UHF bands, this kept these bands very active. A few years ago they opened the HF bands to all and sundry and the VHF/UHF frequencies are hardly used. I will keep the FT-7800 in the car as sometimes its nice to talk to someone on the way home.


Friday I took a run up to Martha, the weather was great and once I’d finished fettling I really wanted to stay the night, I had to pick Toni up in the morning so an overnight was out of the question. Martha is looking well and apart from a bit more cleaning and some tinkering she is pretty well ship shape.

I’m looking forward to a few nights up here soon.


I am sitting here with the family waiting for dinner, a typical Sunday evening. Lesley is cooking a Christmas dinner as Toni was in Italy for Christmas. Poor thing has just realised the clocks went forward last night and it has messed up her timings, she has only had 5 hours sleep last night after working nights so I really can’t blame her. We have been married thirty one years this year, and I am a much better man because of her.


I only have about 5 more home games to go to this season and we are playing Hartlepool tomorrow, I will be there. Up the O’s!!


Message ends————————————————————————-va


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