My spirit will not haunt the mound

A few events to add this month, in fact we have started June in high spirits

My dear old mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer last month. Two weeks ago she had a piece of her lung removed and this week after a meeting with the consultant and he told her they were happy that they had removed the cancer and Chemo would not be necessary at this stage. She still has to have regular checks but hopefully things are on the up for her.


I ended the month on 74 contacts which is a record for me. There were no surprises regarding new countries as propagation has not been brilliant, but it was good to get the brain working. The new radio is performing well.


after waiting for a allotment for more than seven years a couple of weeks ago I got an email from the Harlow Allotments Association to say that a couple of plots had come up at Honey Hill and Netteswell.

We decided to take the plot a Honey Hill, the name was to much of a coincidence no to act on. We opted for a half plot which works out to about 90 square metres.

Plot 8b 1st June 16







As you as you can see above the plot is overgrown so a lot of work is needed  just to get to the point of planting anything. As luck has there are some established fruits and plants beneath the weed. We have a plum tree, cherry tree (I think) gooseberry bush, raspberry bush, blackberries and last night I found some strawberries.

I started work on it last night and today I will be taking a strimmer up there to clear the weeds and see what else is in there.

watch this space.

message ends—————————————————-va


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