Everything is doing as it should on Plot 8b. We will be pulling lettuce this week and we have had some radishes already. I have either got the touch or it’s beginners luck, most likely the later. The time flies while I am on the plot and the issues with work just disappear. The allotments are surrounded more or less completely by bushes and trees and it is a haven for wild birds, we also have a resident fox. The fox sat and watched me working the other week for about 4 hours, I kept my distance and he just lay there in the sun, at one point he curled up in a ball and slept so I know he doesn’t feel too threatened. I also have a juvenile robin who appears whenever I’m turning dirt over for the worms and insects that surface, he shows no fear and has even sat on the end of my fork.

We have some good neighbours up there and we are now swapping seedlings with a Portuguese family who have a plot near the entrance, I am enjoying this although I’m not sure what winter allotmenteering is going to be like.


I haven’t done too much radio for some time now due to being pulled in other directions, HADARS had their annual field weekend last week. For the first time in ages I never felt compelled to go, so didn’t. It’s been about 4 months since I went to the radio club now. I tend not to be that active during the summer due to the shack getting uncomfortably hot.



For the first time in ages Lesley’s off duties match up with my time off, so a trip to Norfolk is on the cards. I know this will just mean that I will spend my time working on the boat instead of the plot, but it’s in the fresh air and its away from home.

Fuckwits and Wasters

This week I was told off by a bloke who sponges off his missus, it was quite funny.

Message Ends—————————————————————————————-va

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