Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

Well the bank holiday weekend is here!


The O’s played Mansfield town today and bloody lost, to be fair to the team they worked like Trojans and were just unlucky. I am still pretty upbeat for the rest of the season however there are some pretty ugly rumours circulating regarding the way the club is being run by the chairman. If true, I don’t know how much longer the O’s will be about. On my way home from the game I got waylaid by a group of Mansfield supporters, we had quite a chuckle and banter and I’ve even got an invite to visit them when Orient face them away. That’s the beauty of fourth division football, none of the territorial “I want to kill anyone who doesn’t support my club” attitude that seems to be present in other leagues.


Toni has taken some time off as her boyfriend has flown over to Italy for the week. They have gone to La Spezia which is north of Florence and on the Mediterranean coast. I was going to stop off in La Spezia when I was over in December but never had the time. It was had a big naval base in WWII and the Germans stationed U Boats there for the north African conflict. She has taken some nice pictures of the place but as you can imagine will probably not send me any info back on the what’s left of the naval base.







Work on the plot continues, my butternut squashes are starting to flower and I can see some squashes on the back of the flowers, my other squashes are also fruiting now as well.



Left. 2 Butternut squashes










The courgettes have given us plenty, and still they grow. It’s been interesting just throwing stuff out there, because its all grown. One of the old boys on compound has warned me about growing anything as the “ground is crap” and “you can’t grow that” and “that’s the planting season over you may as well dig it all over and leave it till next year”. He actually came down to my plot yesterday and went away a bit sheepish when he see what we had on the go. My onions should be ready in about a week and my potato plants are starting to die off so these shouldn’t be long before I can dig them up. The potatoes are interesting as you have no idea what is growing under there until its time to dig them up, even the onions show you what you’re going to get. The cabbages are growing hearts and my second batches of carrots and beetroots are coming up. I have just planted out some runner beans and I know it will be tight, but providing we have a mild autumn I may just get away with it. I have also planted out some potatoes in the past week, in a grow sack, these will be for Christmas dinner. I now have to start planning what I’m going to put out once the onions are pulled as they take up a fair bit of space.

I have my Kale and Broccoli caged to stop the birds pulling apart, but I have noticed the cage I’ve set up is getting damaged, it is quite lightweight but all the same it’s getting damaged. I bought a bush cam, made by Swann, it is a remote camera which is infra red and triggered by motion, so I set this up to see what is happening on my plot when I’m not there, question asked and answered here CagedFox


I have been approached by a chassis manufacturer, this could get interesting. Watch this space.


Twat Watch

I was going to put a bit here called twat watch, but I really can’t be bothered. I’ve been called worse things than being an Arsehole before, and in the most case it has been warranted. And like before I will put it where I store stuff from ignorant insignificant twats. You may have a nice life now, but I remember you when you were a prick, and that’s what troubles you. This will be my last post on this subject as I think giving it oxygen is just making it worse, and it will probably post something not very cryptic on twitter again.


Message ends———————————————————————————va








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