The man who can make a sentence out of swearwords

The Corona madness took another turn today. Lesley is working Christmas and Boxing Day nights and because the relaxation planned to end on midnight of the 27th, we had planned to have our Christmas lunch and celebrate Lesley’s birthday on the 27th with the kids. As of midnight tonight London and the south east are moving from Tier 2 to a newly invented Tier 4. I’m not sure what this involves but one thing I do know is that our meal on the 27th is now cancelled as Toni and her boyfriend can’t come round due to the new visitor rules, Patrick can still come round as he is in our bubble. Over the past week or so we have been inundated with stories and pictures of celebrities and ignoring lockdown rules, Kay Birley, Dua Lipa to name but a couple. So now London and SE are so bad we must be punished. No one in authority will admit they don’t have a clue what to do, one thing is for sure is that lockdowns do not work. Wales had a “circuit breaker” lockdown before the rest of us went into lockdown two. The whole of Wales came out of a five week lockdown and put the whole country into tier three, that worked didn’t it. For the last couple of months masks have been compulsory in shops and enclosed spaces and in the main this has been adhered to yet we still find ourselves in Tier 4! I’m not sure the Government and health experts have a clue about how to control the spread of this virus. If those in charge were serious about this the airports would have been closed in March. I’m not sure how this Tier 4 will be received in London, the 2nd Lockdown didn’t see much difference to traffic etc, I can’t see this going down too well.

IT has been raining for about seven days constant now which means I have had to curtail my hiking of late. The area around Harlow mostly consists of London clay. This means the ground does not drain very well, so after a period of rain the ground stays boggy for ages. This isn’t good for walking and I don’t fancy breaking my leg again, so I have had to cut back my activity of late. Me and Alf did venture out today for a five mile walk but it was really hard going, it was so bad Alfie had to sit in the back of the Land Rover on the way home, he was covered in mud.

We went to drop the in-laws presents off yesterday, I have hardly seen them this year and have noticed a distinct decline in their health, it’s such a shame to watch their decline.

Lockdown or not it will be difficult to keep away from them next year, I may do some rule/law breaking next year.

Message ends—————————————————————————————————————-va

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