Turn out your left pocket

I have had a half decent month so far, I will probably jinx the rest of March.

I put some time aside and managed to get my Disco through the mot, I brought this land rover in May last year, normally I put any cars I buy straight through an mot to see what I’ve got coming up and also as an option to give the car back if its really bad. Because the of the coronavirus restrictions I was unable to get a test and after a bit it went out of my head and the mot ended up running out in December so I parked it up. When I parked it up I had issues with the air suspension, some dash warning lights, which are known as the “three amigos” which consist of the ABS, Traction Control and Hill Descent lamps. I bought some road Springs and converted the car back to mechanical suspension from pneumatic. With the power of YouTube I was able to modify the ABS system to do away with the three amigos. It involves removing the ABS pump and shuttle valve and soldering in a couple of wires into the ABS loom. All went well.

I took the car for test and it passed First time with a clean sheet much to my surprise. The only sad point was the guy who used to own the garage has died since my last visit, he was a good bloke and new me from the pubs I used to drink in Canning Town. I remember him calling me by my old nickname who apart from one friend nobody ever uses it, or has used it for 20 or more years, just as well, Adolf is not a word you ever hear in a positive way.

New coils springs going on

I still enjoy getting my hands dirty but am glad I don’t have to do it for a living.


In other news I am about to start on the plot again. I managed to get it covered for the winter but the rain has been relentless over winter and will take some drying out before I get the rotavator out or even think about getting the spuds and onions in. I will be using the whole plot this year and am looking forward to getting some stuff in the ground.


It looks like my lovely dog Alfie may have a problem with his hips, we went out for a walk a couple of weeks ago around six miles, poor sod could hardly walk the next day. We have had him looked at by the vet and they have said it is age related, he isn’t nine till October so we shall have to make sure he takes it easier which is going to be hard.

Alfie waiting for his mum to come back to the car


A little while back I had a call from a cousin on my mothers side of the family, it turns out one of my mothers sisters has been given a few weeks to live. Its a shame she was a nice woman with no side to her. I was thinking about this the other days, all my Aunts seemed to have issues. Then the penny dropped, I mainly knew Lil, Ruth and Sheila growing up and all the issues seemed to revolve around what my mother said about them, while my experience with them was always good. In fact I have some good memories of them, my Aunt Lil got me my First dog, Ruth was always good for a laugh, and Sheila was always generous. I think the issues about my aunts were actually my mothers problems and I know she had some funny viewpoints.

That’ll do for now————————————————————————————va

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