Can you hear me Mother!

The title of this post is related to the music hall comedian Sandy Powell, and is nothing to do with anyone related to me alive or dead! Last week I was lain flat by a chest infection which very quickly developed into bronchitis. I had a bout of bronchitis when I was young and if… Continue reading Can you hear me Mother!

Take my Hand

Well, January sort of whizzed past and here we are in February. Plot 8 We are now paying the price for the previous plot holder not handing the plot over till November. To be where we needed to be we ideally should have had the plot flattened by now. Unfortunately with the short days and… Continue reading Take my Hand

Dah Dah Dah

Flippin hell! a month has passed since my last blogpost. I sit here writing this after I have just booked ferries and hotels to make a road trip to Florence to visit my daughter before Christmas. The last time I went the return leg was through France, this time around I am going to go… Continue reading Dah Dah Dah

Your baby has gone down the plughole

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote, I’ve been to Belfast, Doncaster,¬†Coventry¬†and now have a new boss. We are now eating produce directly from the allotment and there is plenty more to come, so this week I’ll start off with an allotment update. Plot 8b My courgette plants are now putting… Continue reading Your baby has gone down the plughole