Your baby has gone down the plughole

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote, I’ve been to Belfast, Doncaster, Coventry and now have a new boss. We are now eating produce directly from the allotment and there is plenty more to come, so this week I’ll start off with an allotment update.

Plot 8b

My courgette plants are now putting fruits out every week, and they are a good size too, my cucumbers are growing well and I will be able to start picking them this week, despite having accidentally cutting through one of the plants while weeding. I picked 1.5kgs of plums from my tree this week, the plums were quite small and this was down to my reluctance to reduce the number of fruits when we first got the plot. It wasn’t a problem though, I made plum jam with the harvest, so I managed to learn something new.

We have started pulling the beetroots and I have pickled them, this went well and I managed to walk away without inflicting myself with red hands, the beetroots will be ready in about two weeks, by then I will have another jar to pickle.

We have a steady supply of lettuces and the carrots will be ready in about a week. I will also be able to start picking the kale from next week.

I now have three raspberry bushes, a tayberry and a loganberry bush, I have planted these in a row and have them wired to stop them going wild. I have also dug up the strawberry patch, I have taken some cuttings and these are doing well. I intend to replant these in a planter which I will put next to the path that divides the plot.

So everything is doing well on plot 8b at the moment.


Unfortunately my in-laws who have been in the rudest of health ever since I have known them are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, my mother in law who recently had part of her lung removed now has some complications. Add to that my father in-law has some issues now. Lesley has gone up to stay with them for a week. It’s a shame that having been active all their lives that they are finding the simple things difficult to do, I am hoping this is just a blip and things will settle down. The rest of the family are fine, Toni has no plans in her diary to travel anywhere in August, but has got a couple of US trips in September and October, she is going to try and fit a visit back to Harlow at some stage. Patrick is all over the place in his free time, he has a car now and he rarely stays in one place during his time off.

Canning Town

My last friend who lived in the area I grew up in has finally moved out, which means I no longer know anyone in the area. It feels a bit strange, I’ve never really left Newham although I moved away more than 20 years ago. I have no reason to go there now, although I will still pop back for nostalgic purposes it won’t be the same now Guiseppe has moved to Leigh on Sea.


Someone actually contacted me recently and asked me about the titles of my posts, and one in particular “Are you digging my grave”

The titles generally come from lines from songs, I listen to a lot of music, as I drive a lot or spend a lot of time on my own with my headphones in. The post titles come from lines that have stuck in my head, nothing more nothing less. The title “Are you digging my grave” comes from a Thomas Hardy poem of that title. The poem comes from the book Satires of Circumstance. I like Hardy’s poems, they are dark and melancholic which often suits my mood. I have two first edition copies of Satires of Circumstance and Wessex and Past & Present Poems, which were written and published between 1890’s and 1912. My favourite Hardy poem is Wessex Heights, I must be going soft I don’t think I read a poem between 1975 and 2012 and now quite enjoy reading them. I supposed that’s the difference between being forced (School) and wanting to read.

Many thanks for the message, I cannot fathom why you would read this but thanks all the same.


The football season started the week before last and the O’s seem to have carried on where they left off, with two losses and a draw. I am still quite upbeat about this as the team is, in the main, new and they need time to gel. I think there is a lot of potential providing the behind the scenes stuff doesn’t get out of hand the way it did last year. I am back in seat M115, however I am on my jacks now as my neighbours John & Dan have moved up into the gallery, they asked me to move up there with them, but to be honest at double the cost of a normal season ticket, I really don’t think the O’s are worth it.

Until next time

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The retrieving of these forgotten things

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I’ve had a better week this week. After six weeks of being pushed from pillar to post this week has calmed down a bit, as normal though it will probably just mean that it will ramp up again in a couple of weeks time.


We come to the end of another season which like last season will be one to forget. Tuesday night we played Plymouth and just like the Northampton game we dominated early in the first half and then promptly fell apart. We ended up loosing 3:1 and though I shouldn’t say this it has saved us the embarrassment of ending up largely outclassed in the playoffs.

I will be renewing my season ticket next year and will keep my seat M115 in the west stand. this is the best seat I have had and the neighbours are good.


Conditions have been poor for a few weeks now with the only real action on 40 & 80m, my antenna isn’t very efficient on 80 so I tend to not use it much. I have been visiting the radio club a lot more lately and I have found myself enjoying it to a certain extent. This weekend is the Foxton Rally and I  may go, I don’t need anything so if I do go it will only to be social.


Toni is here today for one night, she has been in London for work and is off to Portugal tomorrow with her boyfriend for the weekend.

Lesley’s mum has just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, she has never smoked a fag in her life. It is early yet and she goes in for an operation in a couple of weeks but Lesley is struggling with it and putting on a brave face. I lost my parents a few years ago and I no its not going to be easy for her, it’s not helped by the fact they live so far away.

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And the weekend just whizzed past!

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Well Christmas is almost upon so I thought I’d take advantage of the general wind down in the bus industry and have a long weekend. Normally I end up taking calls from work so never actually get time to myself, this time however I took a bit of time to divert all my calls, put my out of office on and brief my number 2.Success! apart from one very straightforward text message I have been left alone.

Friday saw Alf going for his annual check up and booster injections.I was a bit disappointed with the vet, she seem to handle Alf completely wrong and ended up having to put a muzzle on him, I wasn’t happy, I won’t let this happen next time. The way I see it, if my old dog Sam was able to visit the vet without a muzzle Alf should be able to, time will tell. I didn’t do too much else on Friday just relaxed really but felt thoroughly rested.

Saturday was a bit busier with an early morning visit to my local farm shop for some black pudding, sausages and bread. Every Christmas I cook a full breakfast with all the trimmings so a piece of black pudding was in order.The rest of the morning was taken up with taking rubbish to the local dump. However I was given a pass on the afternoon so spent it in the shack, I finally managed to get the computer hooked up to the internet and therefore get Ham Radio Deluxe running so my shack is now complete. The downside was that HF was completely flat with not much happening at all. I was listening on 40 metres and heard a strong signal running at about 30 wpm, which is much faster than I could possibly keep up with, I had a go at copying some of the code and lo and behold it was G0IBN, my morse teacher, so when he finished sending I called him and he was kind enough to slow down and have a QSO with me. I made another couple of contact that day but I was pretty chuffed having a QSO “on air” with Andy.

Sunday morning we went up to Lesley’s parents in South Yorkshire for an overnight stay. This meant that Lesley could have one of her mum’s Sunday dinners that she has been craving, it also meant that I could get out with her dad for a Sunday lunchtime drink. IT was great to see them and we don’t see them enough, they are both in their 70’s. They have a three year old springer spaniel and it was good to see Alfie and Bengie playing ball together. They both have very similar temperaments and get on like a house on fire. I went to take out Alfie this morning and ended up with both of them on the playing field playing ball at 07:00 this morning. We set for home at 08:30 this morning and arrived home at 11:00 Alf was quite happy to go straight off to bed and has slept most of the day, as I type he is still sleeping.

We had to venture out lunchtime to get some last minute items for Christmas and I couldn’t believe how late some people leave it to do the Christmas food shop. We got back home about three pm and have decided that what we haven’t got at this point we will do without.

That is all for now.


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